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Canadian Aquaculture Pioneer & CAIA Member Honoured in Brussels

OTTAWA, ON – IntraFish, a highly-respected global media organization that covers the seafood industry today awarded Canadian Aquaculture pioneer Cooke Aquaculture CEO Glenn Cooke the Person of the Year Award.

"The process for selecting the IntraFish Media Person of the Year is usually a challenging one, with so many executives across this industry achieving so much across this sector," IntraFish Media Publisher Paal Korneliussen said in a release. "This year, that was not the case. Glenn was a clear and unanimous choice among our editors."

"Cooke’s work in expanding around the globe to make a truly geographically diverse group across several sectors has been remarkable, and has laid out a blueprint for how seafood companies might look in the future."

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization aquaculture will account for two-thirds of the global food fish consumption by 2030.

"We congratulate Glenn and his team of Canadian aquaculture farmers for this international recognition and their work towards healthy, sustainable and responsible aquaculture growth in Canada." said Ruth Salmon, Executive Director at CAIA.

Mr. Cooke was honoured as part of "Seafood Expo Global" in Brussels – the world’s largest seafood trade fair.