The aquaculture industry makes a substantial economic and socio-economic contribution in the coastal and rural communities where aquaculture takes place. In many cases, these communities are in isolated areas where economic opportunity tends to be limited.

In these communities, aquaculture generates thousands of year-round jobs and millions of dollars in income. These benefits come not only from direct activity at the farm sites – but also from the business activities of processors, marketers, and suppliers of equipment, feed, and services.

Giving Back

Communities across the country have seen how aquaculture companies and their employees make a positive impact locally through their active involvement in their community. By supporting local events and investing in communities through jobs and infrastructure, the aquaculture industry improves the quality of life for all residents.

Aquaculture operators support wild salmon conservation projects, beach cleanup activities, and other community events. In addition, many freshwater operators have been directly supporting wild fishery enhancement projects in cooperation with local fish & game clubs and regulatory authorities. Financial donations to scholarships, school projects and community organizations - as well as product donations to fundraisers, food banks – further demonstrate industry’s commitment to their communities.